Almost one year ago Jupiter launched their “Banded” campaign that highlights the common ground shared among musicians, music educators, parents of musicians, school music retailers, community supporters and the Jupiter team. The campaign continues to grow and now has an official online home:

At GETBANDED.COM, you can share your story about how music has made a difference in you, your students, your child, your school and/or your community. You can also read and view Banded stories of people from all walks of life ranging from a new music student to Presidential Candidate, Mike Huckabee.

"We've spent a lot of time during the last two years looking at what makes the school music community different" states Mike Robinson, Director of Marketing for Jupiter Band Instruments, Mapex Drums, and Majestic Concert Percussion.  "What we found is profound, but not all that surprising. It's simply the love of music and the belief that it plays an important role in society. It teaches discipline, teamwork, determination, empathy, social awareness, and a number of other great qualities worth embracing. Jupiter is happy to help tell that story."

The website will also feature sections for educator tips on common topics in the music education field from nationally recognized educators. Also featured will be local and regional educators, who can share real life lessons they have learned in the band room, school and community.  Any educator is welcome to submit their experiences on the website so that other teachers may benefit from other experiences.

Tell us Your Story….and #GetBanded

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