As a result of the continuing growth and expansion of KHS Musical Instruments, President and CEO Karl Leong has announced that KHS America President Tabor Stamper has been appointed President Emeritus and KHS Global Advisor, supporting KHS’s global development efforts.

Stamper joined KHS in 2005 and has served as President of KHS America since 2008. Under his leadership KHS America has grown dramatically, in both revenue and industry influence. KHS brands are recognized and played by professional and amateur musicians of all genres, university bands and countless school music programs throughout the world. KHS America has also become known for its advocacy and support of music education, believing that every child has a right to a quality music education experience.

Beginning February 1, Stamper will work with the KHS team in support of the Company’s ever expanding global influence in musical instrument manufacturing and music education for all. In addition to his work in music education, Stamper will work with the KHS R&D team in the development and refinement of instruments, furthering KHS’s commitment to providing the very best instruments for musicians of all performance levels.

“When I joined KHS from a non-MI industry 8 years ago I was so lucky to have Tabor on my team,” comments Karl Leong. “Tabor is so well respected by our industry and school music community, due primarily to his integrity and his dedication to music education. Combined with his past experience as a band director and 20 plus years in the industry, Tabor’s unique ability to listen, understand, and communicate has had significant influence on the KHS transformation and US market. Our KHS America operation has successfully entered into a new, exciting era and we welcome this opportunity to further leverage his knowledge and experience to accelerate our global development.”

Replacing Stamper as President of KHS America is industry veteran Jerry Goldenson. Goldenson has been with KHS America since August, 2016. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in business administration and economics with over 30 years experience in the music industry. In his new role, Goldenson will lead KHS America as the Company continues to rise to new heights as a force in the music industry, driving the company forward to new levels of success.

“Jerry is a perfect fit for our Company,” notes Stamper. “He brings a unique perspective and relevant experience to his new role, having worked in all aspects of the M.I. industry. Jerry is also an accomplished drummer/percussionist and French horn player.”

“I am incredibly humbled and honored to be part of the KHS family,” says Goldenson, “and look forward to building on its mission, core values and vision. We do believe that music is an essential part of life for every individual and that it provides a positive contribution to society as a whole. I am excited by the opportunity and look forward to our future!”

Karl Leong continues; “Jerry possesses the ideal leadership talent that Tabor and I have been seeking for a long time. In addition to Jerry’s rich industry experience and understanding, his desire to look for perfection and continuous breakthrough make him a perfect person to lead KHS America. We have a unique opportunity and position in the US market now. KHS America has the ability to create something new for musicians of different performance levels in support of their music making experience. Jerry’s exceptional insight complements his strong will to challenge and create, taking KHS America to the next level.”