KHS America has entered into a strategic partnership with Lesson Squad to digitally empower affiliated artists across all of its musical instrument brands, including Mapex Drums, Jupiter & XO Winds, Hohner Harmonicas and Accordions, Hercules Stands and more.

“We view this partnership with Lesson Squad as a contribution to the entire industry, which has been asking for digital innovation,” says Jerry Goldenson, President and CEO of KHS America. “It is the only platform that meets the needs of all stakeholders such as touring artists, educators, students, retailers of all sizes, and of course, manufacturers like us.”

Lesson Squad gives musicians new levels of access to insight from top artists across a wide variety of instruments and genres. The platform facilitates management of both traditional in-person and online education in Lesson Squad’s virtual lesson rooms, while also enabling artists to recommend instruments and other preferred gear.

Lesson Squad has been developing and testing its platform with brands such as Mapex, Jupiter and Hohner over the past 6 months in preparation for a wider roll out to manufacturers and retailers across the industry.

About KHS America

KHS America is dedicated to the enrichment of lives through music performance and education by providing high-quality musical instruments and services designed to support musicians, educators, and our retail partners. KHS was established in 1930 and stands for Kong-Hsue-Sheh which translates to “Contribution to School and Society.” The name expresses the organization’s commitment to enhancing human quality of life and culture.

About Lesson Squad

Lesson Squad’s software platform allows musical instrument manufacturers to digitally empower their artists and authorized dealers. The company was founded by Jimmy Pemberton and Josh Hoffman-Senn. After being incubated in the Harvard Innovation Lab, Lesson Squad caught the attention of major manufacturers who are looking to be at the forefront of digital innovation.

Contact: jimmy@lessonsquad.com