The folks with the Macon County High School band had an unfortunate accident recently and although no one was hurt, several of their instruments suffered damage.  Joey Wilburn, Band Director for the Macon County HS band, reached out to Rick DeJonge at Jupiter Band Instruments for help.  Rick and the team at Jupiter took swift action to provide replacement instruments for the band.
"With many former band students, instructors, and even directors within our company, we understand the importance of band activities during this busy part of the year," said Jupiter Artist Relations Manager, Rick DeJonge. "Every minute of rehearsal is precious, and the performances are very important to their communities." 
When Rick arrived at the School on Thursday the reaction of the administration and students was overwhelming.   

“It’s been an emotional rollercoaster the last couple of days but ever since Jupiter stepped up to the plate with all of the woodwind instruments in time for our first football game, our emotions are at an all time high”, said Band Director Joey Willburn”  

“All of us were scrounging around to find replacement instruments to play and it sounded horrible until we received the ones from Jupiter”, said a band member.  A band parent summed up the day by saying the following: This situation would have been much worse if it were not for the instruments that Jupiter was able to provide. They saved the day, and we are very grateful.

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