Josh Hernandez with Jupiter Valve Trombone

Jupiter Band Instruments proudly welcomes renowned bass trombone and valve trombone recording artist Joshua Hernandez to its roster. Hernandez, a versatile musician based in Austin, Texas, joins Jupiter as a valve trombone artist, while also showcasing his talent on the Jupiter alto horn and XO bass trombone.

Hernandez's musical journey is marked by accolades and achievements. Perhaps most notably, he earned the bass trombone chair in the prestigious University of North Texas One O’Clock Lab Band and the Disney All American College Band. Hernandez is also a two-time Texas All-State band member, winner of the 2016 Dave Koz scholarship, and bass trombonist in the 2017 Jazz Band of America.

"I am thrilled to partner with Jupiter Band Instruments," says Hernandez. "The Jupiter valve trombone is simply the best out there. It plays incredibly well in tune and allows me to easily realize the exact sound concept I have in mind."

Though his roots lie in jazz, Hernandez has recently found a new passion in Mexican music on the valve trombone and alto horn. Garnering millions of views across his social media platforms, he captivates audiences with his bass and valve trombone content creation. Hernandez is also a sought-after studio musician. He has recorded with major labels and artists such as Danny Lux, Nivel Codiciado, Erre, and Christian Lara.

“Josh is an incredibly talented young artist who is a testament to the variety of paths available in the musical landscape of today," states Chris Hankes, Director of Sales and Marketing Experience for KHS America, the U.S. home of Jupiter and XO. "As we continue to encourage participation in music and support the expansion and growth of music education, he will surely be a great ambassador and valued advisor.”

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