ALLIANCE Drum & Bugle Corps


Quick Facts:

Nationality: USA
Artist Since:2010
Influences:Carolina Crown | Phantom Regiment | Blue Devils
Year Ensemble Founded:2004
Ensemble Motto:Rise & Rise Again, Until Lambs Become Lions
Corps Song:I Will Wait For You
Natural Grass or Turf:Turf
Finale or Sibelius:Sibelius
Favorite Drink:Gatorade
Favorite Past Show:For Whom The Bell Tolls
Favorite Housing Site:South Cobb HS
Favorite Uniform Colors:Cream, Black, Fuchsia
Favorite Performance Venue:Georgia Dome

Banded Story:

During the 2006 DCA Championships, ALLIANCE performed in prelims as a Hurricane was coming up the NY coast. While sitting in their opening set, the corps was forced to leave and run for cover amid the the early storm, huddling together for warmth under the stadium bleachers. Some members used hand dryers in bathrooms to stay warm. After 30 minutes and without being allowed to warm up & stretch again, the corps was sent onto the field to finally perform. The storm returned during the performance, but the corps went on, even as props flew across the field and the painted yard lanes faded away. Upon completion, a few members of the guard were immediately sent to EMTs with hypothermia. The corps did not make finals because of the many variables outside of their control, but this fight would become a reminder of their strength and determination for the next decade.


Founded in 2004 and fielding a Class-A corps (65 performing members or less) in the Summer of 2005, ALLIANCE placed 3rd in their inaugural season at the DCA World Championships in Scranton, PA.  In 2008, ALLIANCE was crowned DCA Class-A World Champion and moved into the Open Class Division the following season, placing 8th and claiming the DCA South Open Class Championship. ALLIANCE placed 7th in Open Class competition in 2010 and 2011, while retaining the DCA South championship title.