About Jupiter


Founded in 1979 by KHS Musical Instruments, Co., Ltd, Jupiter has become a preeminent brand of wind instruments for school bands around the world. The company remains dedicated to the enrichment of lives through music performance and education by providing the highest quality musical instruments and services. 

Jupiter in the USA

Jupiter winds are distributed in the United States by KHS America, along with other such notable brands as Mapex Drums, Majestic Percussion, Sonor Drums and Orff Instruments, Altus and Azumi flutes, XO Professional Brass, and Hohner Guitars, Harmonicas, Accordions and Children’s Instruments. With a deep seated belief that music is an essential part of life and that it provides a positive contribution to society as a whole, KHS America has established itself as an active participant in the music education community.  The U.S. Army All-American Band, National Student Melody Competition, and Be a Part of the Music are just a few of the many educational initiatives supported by the company.

In the words of the former KHS America President (and a former band director), Tabor Stamper, “We understand the joy of music-making, and that the benefits last a lifetime. We refer to having been positively impacted by participation in music as being ‘BANDED’.”

We invite you to join the community at www.getbanded.com in learning more about the many ways in which Jupiter supports music education, view or read some “BANDED” stories, or perhaps share a story of your own. 

And if you're a band director, we would like to introduce you to the Academic Alliance, where Scholastic Members can receive access to benefits intended to enhance the student experience, promote program growth, and bring attention to the great work of music educators. Find out more about the Academic Alliance here.


Quality instruments are necessary to instill confidence in band students and support their creativity as playing skills progress. Jupiter instruments are designed with the help of top educators, repair technicians and professional players to offer reliable performance at every level with features and materials that exceed expectation.

The revolutionary Participation Warranty further demonstrates Jupiter’s support of participation in band by standing behind all student woodwind and brass models throughout a player’s participation in school music programs.