Jupiter Band Instruments will be exhibiting their flutes, including the new 509/510 Waveline model at the 2014 Suzuki Association of the Americas Bi-Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN from May 22 - 26.

The Jupiter 509S and 510ES flutes are the perfect instruments for teaching young children the joys of playing music. The “Wave-Line” headjoint alleviates the ergonomic concerns many instructors experience while teaching beginning flute students to play. Its shortened overall length is more ergonomic for the smaller body-types of younger players while its unique shape keeps the headjoint in line with the body, promoting correct playing posture.  The combination of ergonomics and improved posture will help the player to easily transition to a standard flute.

“The Waveline Flute will be the new standard, says Suzuki Association of the Americas flute teacher; Taeaki Miyamae, “For kids the design is ideal, as the ergonomic headjoint keeps the flute in line.”

During the conference, Jupiter will be providing instruments for the 2014 Suzuki Flute Performing Ensemble as well as sponsoring a luncheon on May 23, at the Dakota Restaurant, for all Suzuki flute teachers attending the conference.

For more information on the Suzuki Association of the Americas Conference visit: https://suzukiassociation.org/