Fusion Drum & Bugle “Core” of Morris County, New Jersey are proud to announce their newest election to perform exclusively on Jupiter Quantum Series Marching Brass beginning with the 2015 DCA competitive season.

“We are very excited to partner with the KHS America team,” said John Riccardi, Business Manager of Fusion. “We acknowledge KHS America’s commitment to the marching arts and continued music education through all ages. The support from the KHS America wind team has been outstanding thus far and the instruments are of the quality and sound that will help us to raise our performance standards to the next level”.

“Partnering with an organization dedicated to these high standards of performance quality and member excellence further validates our continued commitment to music and its importance to all ages and all walks of life,” said Tabor Stamper, President of KHS America, Inc. “Fusion portrays this commitment by actively sharing the joy that music brings to our daily lives”.

Since its formation in 2007, Fusion Core has earned multiple honors to include High Caption Awards in Brass, Visual and Guard. In its 8th year in 2014, the organization placed 4th in the Open Class Division of DCA winning both high color guard and showmanship awards.

Fusion Core provides adults of all ages an educational program of the highest quality. All staff members are totally dedicated to personal development skills that are directly involved with the artistry and experience of musical and visual performance. This structured environment fosters teamwork, confidence, preparedness, discipline, critical thinking and leadership skills which in turn contribute to the cultural enrichment of the community.

KHS America welcomes this fine organization as their newest DCA partner dedicated to the strength and appreciation of the marching arts.

For more information visit:
Fusion Core Drum and Bugle Corps:  www.fusioncorenj.com

Jupiter Quantum Series Marching Brass visit: www.quantummarching.com