An Inspiring Story about Music, Hope, Love and Jupiter

Every once in a while a story comes along that shows the healing power of music and music education. Stories like Connor Derraugh’s reinforce the positive effects music can have on the body and mind. For the past several years Jupiter Canada has been working with one of our saxophone artists, Walle Larsson. Walle is the musical director of a yearly concert series at the Lyric Theatre in Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg where together we offer a Jupiter step-up tenor saxophone as a raffle prize draw during the last concert in the series. This year a very special person won that tenor sax. Follow the links below to read Connor’s amazing journey that without music the ending may not have been as positive as it is. This year Connor will be attending the University of Manitoba in his 4th year as a sax and piano major.

Walle was a tremendous influence and provided endless support and guidance throughout Connors recovery and we are very proud and grateful to have Walle as a Jupiter Canada performing artist. It goes without saying that Connors parents have been there for their son in every way and with that kind of support from family and friends Connor is in good hands.


Check out Walle at and on YouTube.

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