Majid Torkashvand

Sorna Company

Quick Facts:

Nationality: Iran
Artist Since:2011
Influences:Parviz Shahbazi/My wife/My son
Mac or PC:Mac
iPhone or Android:iPhone
Facebook or Twitter:Facebook
Satellite or Cable:Satellite
Finale or Sibelius:Sibelius
Favorite Food:Pasta, Ghermesabzi, Gheyme
Favorite Drink:Tea, Coffe, Soda
Favorite Car:All SUV cars
Favorite Book:Thus spoken the Zoraster, Love in the time of Colehra, Gone girl
Favorite Movie:A bautiful mind, Whiplash, The legend of 1900
Favorite TV Show:Breaking bad, Dexter, American Idol
Favorite Song:All Kinds of classical and saxophone instrumentals
Favorite Composition:moon river / Henry mancini off key (desafinado) / jobim Turn out of the stars / Bill Evans
Favorite Arrangement:For ever in love / Keny G Love theme from Romeo&Juliet / Henry Mancini Take Five / Dave Brubech
Favorite Musical:The lion king Madagascar Anastasia
Favorite Orchestra:London philharmonic Royal philharmonic chicago symphony
Favorite Concert Band:Usa navy band ,usa army band ,marine band
Favorite Big Band:New York Big band orchestra Duke Ellington Big band Benny Goodman Big band
Favorite Rock/Pop Band:Pink Floyd , Santana , maroon 5
Favorite Solo Musical Artist:Paul Desmond , stan getz , charlie parker
Favorite Music Clinician:Dizzy Gillespie,duke ellington,Dave Brubeck
Favorite Performance Venue:Infinite Energy arena,Hollywood bowl,Royce hall
Favorite Hobby:Music ,Travel , sport
Favorite Hotel:Hilton , Hyatt , intercontinental
Favorite Cartoon Character:goofy ,Mickey Mouse , shrek


Majid Torkashvand has been an Alto, Tenor, Baritone saxophone player. He was born in 1974 and has been workink as a civil engineer. He was born in an artist family with taste of music and Learnt saxophone playing with Parviz Shahbazi a well-known instructor. Since then he has been working with famous Iranian pop singers for about 23 years and playing and working with about 30 singers and artists wich is still continuing. He was an instructor and music trainer in military marching orchestra as well. 
Majid Torkashvand was a member of IRIB pop orchestra for 5 years and that was a great experience for him. That helped him to could be able to organaze orchestras and bands.He has attended in several music festivals so far. 
He has been Playing in concerts in different countries such as Malaysia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan along with well known singers as well. 
Moreover, he has been an instructor in valid music schools such as Sorna and Polaris. Training bout 50 students who some of them are playing in famous orchestras has been one of majid Torkashvand’s biggest acheivements. He is head and player of Sorna pop orchestra at the moment been music tutoring by the newest teaching methods. 
Playing in several music albums is another aspect of his successful career. It should be mention he has been in fixing and maitaning Soxophones for fifteen years now.